Who are we?

The association has been created by french chemists working with rare earths and actinides. In the future, this should evolve to imply more physics and biology in our members but also all the persons interested in these strategic elements in economy, ecology and sociology. The statuts of the association allow a list of up to high elected members of the administration board.

Executive office 2022-2025

Dr. Grégory, Président of CenTRA
Synthetic Inorganic Chemist
Bronze medal of the CNRS, ERC StG and CoG laureate

CNRS, Associate professor, Ecole polytechnique, LCM, 91120 Palaiseau, France

Dr. Lucie Norel, Vice-Président of CenTRA
Interested in magnetic and luminescent molecular materials
Prof., University of Rennes 1

Dr. Olivier Maury, Secretary of CenTRA

CNRS, ENS Lyon, Laboratoire de Chimie, 69634 Lyon Cedex 07, France

Dr. Célia Bonnet, Treasurer of CenTRA

CNRS, Orléans

The following administration board has been elected in May 2022 for 3 years:

Célia Bonnet, Myrtille Hunault, Florian Jaroschik, Olivier Maury, Philippe Moisy, Grégory Nocton, Aline Nonat, Lucie Norel