Summer School – CS2fE

What is CS2FE ?
CS2FE aims at providing young researchers with a strong and wide background on synthesis (molecular as well as solid state), reactivity and properties of f-block elements. It will offer you a unique opportunity to strengthen your fundamental understanding of this diverse and fascinating field of research.

2024 : CS2FE will come back to Aussois !
We will be very happy to host you in Aussois, a small village of the French Alps, at the CNRS resort.
Tentative dates : 9-14 June 2024

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2022 : An amazing first Summer School !
All participants mentionned the friendly atmosphere, great science, good food and nice views !

2021 : A mini-school in Montpellier
Just a few days before Terrae Rarae 2021, 27 participants attended the lectures offered by Greg Nocton, Prof. Gert Meyer, Boris Le Guennic, Olivier Maury, Lucie Norel and the irreplaceable Prof. Jean-Claude Bünzli (see photo). It has been 2 memorable sunny days.